The College Essay Writing Program is a three-level course designed to take students with little to no knowledge of personal statement writing – and a low level in grammar and mechanics – and develop them to become excellent personal statement writers, with sound knowledge of the intricacies of personal statement writing and college-level mechanics.

The students go through three levels of training which is directed towards equipping them to write effective college application essays and strengthen their overall writing proficiency.

Throughout the course the students will compile a comprehensive writing portfolio as they progress from Level 1 to Level 3 in CEP which will be highly beneficial for them while applying for colleges.

Level I: Fundamental (Introduction To Personal Statement Writing)

Personalised Grammar System

Writing Mechanics

Introduction To Personal Statement Writing

Essay-Centric Vocabulary Building

Developing Interests

Critical Thinking

Level II: Intermediate (Personal Statement Form And Content)

Pre-Writing Basics

Use Of Anecdotes

Body Paragraphs And Structure

Advanced Patterns

Conclusion And Final Statements

Drafting And Revision

Level III: Advanced (Writing Workshop For Common APP Essays)

Intensive Essay Writing

Working Drafts Of Common APP Essays

Style And Flair

Editing And Revisions


Form And Content Strategies

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After attempting the diagnostic test, the student will be placed in the appropriate level for the essay writing program. The students are recommended to complete all three levels of the program to develop the requisite skill set for writing impressive essays for college admissions.

Fundamental / Intermediate / Advanced

30 hours per module

Flexible Schedule/ 90 minutes per class

Online/Face to Face