Make your own movie!

Foundation’s Filmmaker is a fun and exciting course for kids ages 8 -11 years.

Our Filmmaker 1.0 and Filmmaker 2.0 programs are your child’s window to the world behind the movie screen. They enable the kids to unlock their creativity through the process of filmmaking.

While donning the hat of a filmmaker and preparing to act and direct, the students simultaneously develop various cognitive skills and receive a boost in their self-confidence.

The Filmmaker 1.0 program provides a foundation for the students as they learn the basics of filming. Filmmaker 2.0 projects their creative thinking to another level as the kids receive more creative control, discovering the importance of pre-production skills.

Family and friends are invited to join us at the end of the course for the movie premiere and awards ceremony!

Over the course of the two filmmaking programs, students will learn how to make their own short films through hands-on training in:


Camera Handling

Screenplay Writing


Dialogue Delivery


Hear our seasoned instructors talk about the exciting Filmmaker Course.

Foundation’s Filmmaker

“Captain O Captain”

Sha Tin Jr School

Directed by Sze Long Cheung and Audrey Lai


Our Classes in Action!

Course Locations

Course Locations

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