Write and publish your own book!

Turn a cloud into a dragon, an old box into a castle, a dried leaf into a pirate ship! Foundation’s Novelist allows a child to unleash their imagination as they create a written masterpiece.

As part of this lively and interactive course, students will explore and develop various writing and reading skills. Foundation’s Novelist places special emphasis on the art of story writing, as well as literary and creative expression.

Family and friends are invited to join us at the end of the course for the book release and awards ceremony!

The Novelists will receive hands-on training in:


Storytelling Techniques

Vocabulary Building

Writing Styles

Concepts of Narration

The students will explore various themes including:

Greek Drama
Comic Book
Mystery Story
Science Fiction

Hear our seasoned instructors talk about the Novelist Course!

“Foundation’s Novelist”

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Our Classes in Action!

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