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At Foundation, we believe learning to think critically, organizing your thoughts & then speaking eloquently is something that takes practice. Our courses are designed to develop the oral skills that will allow students to become persuasive speakers.

Foundation’s Oral English course focuses on improving the oral English proficiency in students of all age groups. Speaking skills are crucial for all students to be able to perform well in their academics and pave way for a strong career.

All prominent schools and universities require a high proficiency in speaking skills. Thus, confidence in expressing views orally is crucial.

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Course Modules





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From the preliminary diagnostic test to the one-on-one teaching method, every detail of the course is tailored to cater to your individual needs. The preliminary diagnostic test determines your area of focus and learning duration. To ensure that the course suits your unique learning pace and needs, we customize the curriculum and time schedule based on your learning pace and needs. The one-on-one teaching method used to deliver Foundation’s Oral English course guarantees a high level of personal attention during the class.

20 hours, 40 classes

Flexible Schedule / 60 minutes per class

Online / Face to Face


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