Record your own audio drama!

Public speaking is an essential skill and one of the best ways to develop a child’s confidence! The Foundation’s Orator course guides students as they become confident and charismatic speakers.

The Orator Program uses a combination of verbal and non-verbal theatre skills to help students find their voice and learn importance of body language.

Our course nurtures a student’s ability to articulate and present their ideas to an audience as they practice and record their own audio drama.

Family and friends are invited to join us at the end of the course for the orator showcase and awards ceremony!

The Orators will receive hands on training in:

Vocal Comfort

Vocal Variety

Body Language

Public Speaking Skills

Confidence Building

Diction and Tonality

Foundation’s Orator

“Little Red Riding Hood”

Narrated by students of Kennedy School

Our Classes in Action!

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